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Financial Planning for Public Servants

Empower and free your focus and future! 

As a public servant, you dedicated your life in helping others. Oftentimes, this may lead to you lacking the time to focus on your own financial well-being. While you have great benefits, it’s important to have a financial plan specific to how they all work together, so you can achieve financial independence and enjoy a well-deserved retirement.  So, while you dedicate yourself to others, let us focus on our attention on making sure you are as successful as possible. 

Comprehensive Planning for Public Servants

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Pensions, retirement accounts, and insurances are only a few of the many tools public employees have prepared for their journey. It helps to have an overview of what is all there to get a better idea of what is needed, but where do you start? We help you get organized and start identifying what you value most so you can start the journey!

Understanding the ins-and-outs of your government pension empowers you to plan for your retirement, but how does it all work? We have worked with the public pension systems in Ohio for many years and will help simplify the often confusing options that are available and discuss how it works in retirement.

When climbing a mountain, many times you have the "hard route" or the "easy route," each providing their own amount of satisfaction. Much like exploring those options, it is important to review your available retirement plans. Factors such as fees, investment options, and access to your funds, makes evaluating your choices crucial.

Depending on your career choice, one, often overlooked, benefit is student loan forgiveness. However, the government is not quick to relieve you of your debts making it very important that you know the different programs available so you can enjoy this benefit.

We understand you have worked hard for your money and many times some of your earnings may have gone to Social Security payments. Oftentimes, soon-to-be-retirees may be looking forward to getting a pension and Social Security, only to find out their benefit may be reduced or gone completely. Being educated on what and when your government retirement benefits are paid will help you prepare for finally "stepping away!

Oftentimes, public servants use only a fraction of their vacation, sick days, and paid-time-off hours leading part of it to be paid out upon retirement. What sometimes can be a large sum often leads to increased taxes. There are strategies to help you push part of the tax burden off to future years when you have lower income, possibly lessening the tax amount.

Many government employees have 30+ years of working under their belts. This can lead to a pension that, without all the payroll deductions, may be higher than you need per month. You may also have goals of being charitable or leaving a legacy to loved ones. There are different strategies to use depending on your end goal, we seek to bring that goal to the front of your mind and help you make the best pension decision.

Estate planning can often be overlooked by most people. However, we believe having your estate planned out and assets titled properly to be the cornerstone of leaving a legacy with a solid foundation..