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Financial Planning for Real Estate Professionals

Get organized and get free!

As a real estate professional, you are one of the best in the business at diligently helping clients pursue their dreams.  Oftentimes, this may lead to you lacking the time to focus on your own financial well-being.  When your income and wealth building potential is tied to the ebbs and flows of the housing market, it is important to have part of your financial foundation not reliant on real estate.  This is where our financial planning that is specific to real estate professionals can help you free your time and mindspace to continue focusing on clients!

Comprehensive Planning for Real Estate Professionals

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Real Estate, retirement accounts, business accounts and insurances are only a few of the many tools that real estate professionals have prepared for their journey. Many times it helps to have an overview of what is all there to get a better idea of what is needed, but where do you start? We help you get organized and start identifying what you value most so you can start the journey!

Fluctuating market conditions and the timing of property sales can lead to irregular and inconsistent earnings, making it difficult to budget and plan for personal expenses and investments. We look to come along side you to help you build a budget that allows you to work through the strong periods and prepare for any negative market cycles.

Everyone has heard the saying, "It's not what you make, it's what you keep." That can be a challenging task when you are a self-employed real estate professional. We will work along side you and your trusted tax professional to ensure you are maximizing the options you have to minimize the money you pay to the government.

Rental properties not only allow for diversification of your appreciating assets for retirement but can also provide lucrative cash-flow. Some real estate professionals want to own a couple rentals as a piece of their retirement assets while others want to have a portfolio of real estate working on their behalf. Modeling how your rental real estate fits into your overall financial plan can help you decide which path you are looking to travel.

Navigating debt management while owning real estate can be like balancing on a property tightrope; one wrong step can lead to a housing market of trouble or a mortgage meltdown. We understand it is a part of your role to keep an eye on interest rates, we simply stand in the gap as an accountability partner to verify you are pursuing the most efficient routes.

As a real estate professional, you most likely do not have a platter of insurance options available, standard to the W2 working world. Just like a solid foundation of a house, we look to identify any risks or cracks in your plan.

Estate planning can often be overlooked by most people. However, we believe having your estate planned out and assets titled properly to be the cornerstone of leaving a legacy with a solid foundation.

Our experience shows that most real estate professionals never quit, they may slow down but real estate is a part of who they have become. Social Security can be an important part in aiding the “slow down,” and the changing landscape requires occasional review.